Myths Vs. Facts of Palm Oil in Global Vegetable Oil Competition

The development of palm oil around the world especially in Indonesia has led to an increase in global competition among vegetable oils. Soybean oil, sunflower oil and rapeseed oil that previously dominated the world vegetable oil market have had to face head-to-head competition from rapidly growing palm oil not only in terms of production and but also in consumption.

Various forms of unfair competition through negative and even black campaigns have been carried out against palm oil since the early 1980s.The revolution in the development of Indonesia’s palm oil has attracted the attention of the global community.

The change in the position of palm oil to become the world’s main vegetable oil replacing soybean oil, which had dominated the world’s vegetable oil market for more than 100 years, has triggered a new dynamic in global vegetable oil competition. Various forms of campaigns have been launched by exploiting social, economic and global environmental issues against palm oil plantations in the world, especially in Indonesia.

Various social, economic and environmental issues related to the development of the Indonesian palm oil industry that will be described below have become the topics of discussion both around the world and in Indonesia.

Source: Myths & Facts – Chapter 2