Palm Oil Expands Versatility In Innovative Noodle Production

Jember – Innovative food products based on palm oil that are produced by micro, small and medium businesses (UMKM) are mushrooming across the country. After the innovative production of brown sugar from palm trees and palm oil based “dodol” (a kind of cake made of sticky rice, coconut milk and palm sugar), a businessman from Jember in East Java, managed to produce instant noodles with the mixture of raw red palm oil, which are branded with “Mie Nyaman”.

Suhendrik, the noodle producer, said recently that the rising global trend of healthy foods had inspired him to produce noodles based on the palm oil which is very good for human health. “We don’t use color additives or other additives like monosodium glutamate (MSG), so that our noodle products are hygienic, healthy and safe for consumption,” he said.

He pointed out that the unrefined red palm oil is rich in nutrients and good for human health. The red palm oil has a very high content of vitamin A and E. It also has a high content of anti-oxidants that can prevent cancer, increase immunity and prevent early aging.

Suhendrik noted that the raw materials of the palm oil based “Mie Nyaman” are wheat flour, cassava flour, vegetables and fruits, red palm oil and mushrooms.

“Consumers can choose various tastes of our noodle products, from the taste of spinach, katu leaves, dragon fruits, and carrots,” Suhendrik said.

He added that in producing their noodles, they do not use eggs, food coloring, and MSG additive. “Our noodle products are produced hygienically and dried by using oven so that they are safe for consumption and good for health. (*)

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