GAPKI And Kalsel Police Sign MoU To Prevent ‘Karhutla’

Banjarmasin – The Indonesian Palm Oil Association’s (GAPKI) South Kalimantan (Kalsel) office and the province’s regional police office signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) on cooperation to prevent and extinguish forest and land fires (Karhutla) in the province.

Based on the agreement, which was signed by GAPKI Kalsel Chairman Eddy S Binti and Kalsel regional police commander (Kapolda) Inspector General Nico Afinta Karo-Karo,  both sides will improve the system of law enforcement, strengthen the synergy on efforts to prevent and extinguish Karhutla cases, which include cooperation and coordination in providing guidance and counseling among the general public about Karhutla.

“The agreement will stand as the basis for us in optimizing our efforts to prevent and extinguish Karhuta in Kalsel province. It shows that we’re serious in tackling the problems of Karhutla,” GAPKI Kalsel Chairman Eddy S Binti said in a press statement in Banjarmasin over the weekend.

He pointed out that based on the agriculture ministry regulation (Permentan) No.4/2002 and  Permentan No.5/2018 on environmental damage and pollution control, GAPKI is required to support the Karhutla prevention efforts by providing all necessary means and facilities to prevent and extinguish Karhutla. “We realize it by, among others, setting up groups of fire-alert farmers (KTPA) to help secure land areas, and conduct routine patrols in oil palm plantation areas,” he said.

In addition to that, he said that they would also conduct a series of socializations among the general public, including among the local people in the immediate surrounding areas of oil palm plantations and among the oil plantation workers.

South Kalimantan Kapolda Inspector General Nico Afinta Karo-Karo expressed his high appreciation to GAPKI and all oil palm plantation companies operating in Kalsel province for their support in preventing the Karhutla, which is part of efforts to create security in the province. “The oil palm plantation companies can give their maximum contribution to optimize efforts of preventing Karhutla that will safeguard the public interest,” he noted.

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