Palm Oil Getting Brighter In New Normal Era

Jakarta – The new normal life style is believed to further increase the demand for palm oil. To prevent the Covid-19 pandemic, people across the globe are realizing the necessity to live more hygienically by increasing the frequencies of taking bath, washing hands, washing clothes, improving sanitation of their tableware, houses and furniture.

As the Covid-19 pandemic is still running rampant, the cleaning services and sanitary agencies will need more disinfectants for spraying more often in areas that need protection against the pandemic. That means the demands for products of bio-surfactant  and bio-disinfectant, which are produced from palm oil, will be continually growing.

Agribusiness Analyst of Bogor University of Agriculture (IPB), Tungkot Sipayung, who is also executive director of the Palm Oil Agribusiness Strategic Policy Institute (Paspi), said recently that the international society has chosen to live side by side with the existence of Covid-19 by adopting the new life style of new normal era. The new normal lifestyle requires the public to strictly implement the health protocol to prevent the Covid-19 pandemic by using face masks, regularly washing hands, keeping social and physical distances, and keeping body immunity in their daily activities.

“Besides keeping sanitation, maintaining body immunity is increasingly important. As a result, it is becoming a necessary endeavor for the people to choose and consume healthy foods and supplements to improve their body immunity. As the palm oil is also the source of healthy foods, then demand for palm oil will be also rising,” Tungkot said recently in Jakarta.

Tungkot elaborates four reasons why the palm oil is seeing a robust growth in the new normal era.

First, the palm oil industry produces products of bio-surfactant, such as bath soaps, washing soaps, detergents, shampoo, hand wash, and hand sanitizers.

Second, palm oil is rich in vitamin A (beta carotene) and Vitamin E (tocopherol) which are even at highest level if compared to other global plants. Of the total Indonesian production of around 50 million ton per year, around 25,000 tons can be derived as vitamin A and 30,000 tons vitamin E.

Third, the palm oil is also the raw material to make products of bio-disinfectant, which can be used for sanitation in houses, offices, cars and for environmental protection. The products are environmentally friendly and sustainable.

Fourth, the palm oil as a source of food also contains palmitic acid, another healthy property which is good to protect lungs. Compared to other vegetable oils, the palm oil has the highest content of palmitic acid that is expected to further push up its consumption to even higher level during the new normal era.

“As people around the world entering the new normal era, imagine there will be around six billion people that will buy more soaps, hand sanitizers, detergents, bio-disinfectants, and others to keep them save from the pandemic. They will also more regularly consume vitamin A and E and other palm oil based food stuffs to keep their immunity and protect their lung function,” he said. (*)

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