Indonesian Palm Oil Quality Still Best In The World

JAKARTA – The quality of Indonesian palm oil is still the best in the world market, where it commands a market share of 33% and has a potential to increase as it has no significant competitors.

The Indonesian Vegetable Oil Association (GIMNI) Executive Director Sahat Sinaga said that despite many critics in European Union trying to tarnish its image, they could not defy the reality that in terms of quality the palm oil is the best vegetable oil in the world.

The main advantage of palm oil in the international market is the fact that palm oil is the best raw material for the manufacture of chocolate products and cooking oil, while the sunflower oil that is locally produced in Europe can only be used as dressing salad and cannot be used as cooking oil.

“Palm oil is God’s Gift for Indonesia. We have to maintain it as our economic strength. And we should also keep pushing up its exports,” he asserted.

He noted that the global palm oil has already had a market share of 230 million tons, of which 33% commanded by Indonesia. “If the oil palm trees can be grown in Europe, there will be no complaints in Europe. The point is that possibly European Union is jealous of Indonesia for being able to produce the best quality palm oil,” he told Investor Daily last week in Jakarta.

Besides, the palm oil can improve the national energy resilience as has been proven by the government through the mandatory program of biodiesel 30 percent (B30). If Indonesia keeps pushing up the B30 program then it will be able to reduce its reliance on the imports of oil fuels (BBM).

GIMNI predicted that in 2025 Indonesia will need at least 35 million tons of palm oil to meet its rising energy need. Such energy need can be met by the oil palm growers if they increase their productivity.

He said that as the most versatile vegetable oil, the palm oil has many advantages which have made it as the export prima donna until now. “Being the most versatile and efficient vegetable oil, the palm oil has been continually challenged in the world market. But we keep advancing by continually implementing the principles of sustainability,” he said. (*)

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