Don’t Trust Hoax! Fact Shows Palm Oil Free From Cholesterol

JAKARTA – Possibly, there are still many people who assume that the palm oil is identical with cholesterol. They think foods that are processed with palm oil are the source of bad cholesterol.

Actually, there are two types of cholesterol: Good cholesterol and bad cholesterol.  The cholesterol is good for physical health if consumed in balance.

PASPI Monitor, an independent research institution,  said in its report recently that there are three fat fractions that determine the good and bad cholesterols inside human body. They are the low density lipoprotein (LDL) as bad cholesterol, the high density lipoprotein (HDL) as the good cholesterol, and fatty acid (triglycerides). Generally, high contents of LDL and triglycerides are harmful to health.

Conversely, high content of HDL is good for health. In other words, all food stuffs that can increase LDL and triglycerides will increase the bad cholesterol. But what happens when consuming the palm oil? People who think palm oil can increase bad cholesterol will find themselves wrong and change their perception on the palm oil.

Based on the research conducted by Mien, CS. (1989), which was published by the Gizi Indonesia journal with the title “Sifat Hipokholesteremik Minyak Sawit, Minyak Kedele, dan Tempe” (Hypocholesteremic Nature of Palm oil, Soybean Oil, and tempeh), the consumption of palm oil can reduce LDL by 21 percent, reduce triglycerides by 14 percent, while increasing HDL by 24 percent. That means, consuming palm oil will reduce the bad cholesterol and increase the good cholesterol that is good for health. Higher level of HDL cholesterol reduces the risk of heart disease.

With the fact, why then there is a myth among the general public that palm oil contains cholesterol? “The answer is that we are the victims of negative campaigns caused by unfair competition which has been pursued by other palm oil competitors such as soybean oil since 1980s,” PASPI Monitor said in a report.

Since then, the soybean associations in the USA have been conducting negative campaigns by accusing the tropical vegetable oils (coconut oil and palm oil) as containing the cholesterol. But in reality, they have just fabricated it as it has been proven scientifically wrong. “Plants, including palm oil, contain no cholesterol. The cholesterol is only contained in animals and humans,” PASPI Monitor reported. (*)