Flood Has Nothing To Do With Palm Oil

JAKARTA – The flood phenomenon is the result of global climate change. It can happen in almost all countries across the globe and it has nothing to do with the oil palm plantations.

As reported by Palm Oil Indonesia, the developed countries in Europe, North America, Australia, China and others, which have no oil palm plantations, have also experienced flooding regularly every year.

In Indonesia, the flooding occurred in various regions. Based on 2017 data from the national disasters mitigation board (BNPB), top three provinces that are regularly hit by flooding every year during 2010–2016 are Central Java, East Java and West Java. During the period, 45% of the total incidents of flooding in Indonesia occurred in the three provinces (averagely 15% each). But in fact, the three provinces have no oil palm plantations.

The 2017 data of BNPB also shows that five provinces as the centers of oil palm plantations, namely Riau, North Sumatera, Central Kalimantan, South Sumatera, and East Kalimantan have also experienced flooding like other provinces in the country. But during 2010 – 2016 they only represented 12% of total incidents of flooding in Indonesia (at the average of 2% for each).

The data has clearly proven that the phenomenon of flooding is a global phenomenon and happens in every province. “Flooding has nothing to do with the oil palm plantations. In reality, flooding more often occurs in the provinces without the oil palm plantations,” Palm Oil Indonesia reported based on the data. (*)

Source: warta ekonomi | Featured image via padangkita.com