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Indonesian Palm Oil Association (IPOA)


The exports of palm oil products in July 2021 rose by 716 thousand tons to 2,742 thousand tons, with the biggest export increase was seen in processed crude palm oil (CPO) by 548 thousand tons to 2,110 thousand tons, and CPO by 104 thousand tons to 151 thousand tons. Year on year (YoY) until July 2021, the export volume slightly dropped by 0.6% from that of 2020. The export value of palm oil products in July 2021 reached US$ 2,802 million, an increase of US$ 684.5 million from that of June 2021.

The condition was supported by the increase of CPO average price from US$ 1,054 in June to US$ 1,124/ton cif Rotterdam in July 2021. The biggest increase of export volume was seen to the destination of EU-27 with a total volume of 509.7 thousand tons (+139.2 thousand tons), India at a total of 231.2 thousand tons (+122.5 thousand tons), Pakistan at a total of 277.2 thousand tons (+119.4 thousand tons) and China at a total of 522.2 thousand tons (+104.1 thousand tons).

Local consumption dropped to 1,444 thousand tons or 13.1% lower than that of June. The biggest drop was seen on the consumption for biodiesel at a total of 556 thousand tons (-121 thousand tons) and for foods at 708 thousand tons (-95 thousand tons), while for oleo-chemical decreased by 2.0 thousand tons  to 180 thousand tons. Year on year (YoY), the domestic consumption in 2021 rose by 6.9% from that of 2020.

The production of CPO in July reached 4,056 thousand tons, a decrease of 426 thousand tons from that of June as a result of seasonal factor. The production of PKO in July also tumbled to 385 thousand tons from 426 thousand tons in June. Despite the fact, the production during 2021 has shown a rising trend with the average rate of 177 thousand tons per month. Year on year (YoY), the production of CPO as of July was higher by 4.6% compared to that of the same period in 2020. The final stock in July increased by 49 thousand tons to 4,549 thousand tons.

Jakarta, 9 September 2021
Indonesian Palm Oil Association (IPOA)

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