Piket: EU Closes No Door For RI’s Palm Oil Exports

Jakata – Presidential Chief of Staff Moeldoko underlined Indonesia’s commitment to prioritize the principles of green economy during his meeting with European Union (EU) Ambassador to Indonesia, Vincent Piket in his office on Wednesday, 29 September 2021.

“We’ve always underlined the importance of complying with the global interest in protecting the environment, realizing the standards of working well and safe, and respecting the rights of local people,” Moeldoko said in a press release issued by the presidential office.

Moeldoko also noted that the issue of green economy is one of Indonesia’s priorities in its G20 presidency in 2022. EU Ambassador Vincent Piket expressed his appreciation on the Indonesian steps, particularly its pro-environment policy that is in line with the vision of the EU.

The two officials also discussed about the rejection of EU against Indonesian palm oil. Moeldoko, who is also the chairman of the Indonesian Oil Palm Smallholders Association’s (APKASINDO) Advisory Council, stated that the Indonesian government has been continually trying to increase the productivity and sustainability of smallholders’ plantations through its replanting program.

He said that the replanting program will further increase the sustainability and quality of Indonesian palm oil and reduce the risk of opening new land sites for plantations illegally. The replanting program, which is subsidized by the government, is specially intended for smallholders’ plantations with the size of maximum 4.0 hectares per smallholder.

According to Moeldoko, the replanting program is part of the government’s commitment to help small farmers in the palm oil sector. “If they don’t have their own plantations, they may resort to the encroachment of forests,” said Moeldoko.

Meanwhile, Ambassador Vincent Piket said that the EU has never closed its market to Indonesia’s exports of palm oil products. The EU still relies on Indonesia for its 20% imports of palm oil. The EU is also committed to applying low tariff for palm oil exports and imports from Indonesia.

“The EU is conducting a further research on palm oil, soybean oil, rapeseed, sugarcane and others. We’re waiting for the results. If it is necessary to change policy, then we’ll change policy,” Vincent asserted. (*)

Source: Gatra.com | Featured image via ven.vn