Despite Being Tough, Palm Oil Continually Needs Synergy

BANJARMASIN – There has been no denying that the palm oil industry has become the most resilient industry during the last two years. Despite the outbreak of Covid-19 pandemic that has seriously impacted many other industries, the palm oil industry maintains its positive growth as Indonesia’s top commodity, which contributes significantly to Indonesia’s gross domestic product (GDP).

The Indonesian Palm Oil Association (GAPKI) Chairman Joko Supriyono said that during the pandemic the palm oil industry had shown a positive performance. “Its production and exports are relatively unaffected by the pandemic. It contributes 3.5 percent to the national GDP, and 13.5 percent to the national non-oil-gas exports,” he said.

But Joko asserted that despite being resilient during the pandemic, the Indonesian palm oil industry will continually need to strengthen a synergy and collaboration with all stakeholders. “We’re committed to ensuring that the palm oil industry is steadily sustainable and continually plays an important role in the national economy of Indonesia,” Joko Supriyono said during the Fourth Borneo Palm Oil Forum in Hotel Rattan Inn, Banjarmasin, on Wednesday, 15 December 2021.

He noted that to sustain the development of palm oil industry, efforts have been pursued by all stakeholders to strengthen collaboration among business players at national and regional levels. “One such effort is to push for further improvement of investment climate in the sector,” he said.

“Through this Borneo Palm Oil Forum, we continually strengthen our synergy and collaboration. This is in line with the goal of this forum to formulate solutions that can be recommended to be jointly implemented by all palm oil stakeholders,” said Joko during a press conference of the business forum.

During the press conference he was accompanied by Tofan Mahdi, GAPKI’s Communication Division Head, and Suparmi MS, head of plantation and husbandry services at South Kalimantan provincial government.

He cited the example of South Kalimantan province, where the synergy and collaboration have been well implemented among business players and the government. “The palm oil industry in South Kalimantan has been growing well. It has made the province as the first winner of national award of agricultural exports. It is also a good example in terms of dealing with the forest and land fires (Karhutla). We highly appreciate the provincial government of South Kalimantan that has paid a very special attention to the growth of the palm oil industry,” said Joko. (*)

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