President Seeking To Oblige Palm Oil Firms To Develop Nurseries

JAKARTA – President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) has stated recently that he will continually push up the development of nursery centers to produce seeds and young plants (seedlings). Seedlings from the nurseries will be planted in areas that have become the target of the national campaigns to preserve the environment.

“We’ll make the development of nursery centers as part of our efforts to improve our environment. Within the next three years we’ll develop around 30 nurseries,” the President said when visiting the Modern Rumpin nursery center in Rumpin district of Bogor regency, West Java province recently.

He also asserted that his administration will oblige the private companies to develop their own nurseries. “We’ll oblige companies in the palm oil and mining industries to develop their own nurseries like this one. They will use the seedlings from the nurseries to improve the environment around the areas of oil palm plantations and mining activities,” he said.

During his visit to the Modern Rumpin nursery center, President Jokowi was also accompanied by a number of foreign countries’ ambassadors, including Sung Yong Kim (US Ambassador to Indonesia), Owen Jenkins (UK Ambassador to Indonesia), Cameron MacKay (Canadian Ambassador to Indonesia), Vincent Piket (European Union Ambassador to Indonesia), and Satu Kahkonen (World Bank Country Director for Indonesia and Timor Leste).

“We want to show the world that Indonesia is serious in its efforts to help tackling the impacts of climate change. We’ll show that our nursery centers can produce around 12 million seedlings per year,” he said. (*)