Palm Oil Use Keeps Rising Through Food Innovations

JAKARTA – The use of palm oil to produce various kinds of food products has been continually increasing among the small, medium and cooperative business (UKMK) players.

They can develop various creations and innovations of palm oil-based products, such as virgin red palm oil (VRPO), instant noodle, rendang sawit (palm oil-based curry) and various kinds of muffins and pastries.

The industry ministry’s Agro-industry Director General Putu Juli Ardika said that in Indonesia, as the world’s largest producer and exporter of palm oil, the palm oil has been used as raw material to produce a variety of food products, such as cooking oil, creamer, cocoa butter, and others.

“The palm oil has made Indonesian culinary business and food production more diverse and even become a part of our local wisdom,” he said during the event of the food and culinary business trends of UKMK, which was organized by Majalah Sawit in Jakarta recently.

He said that palm oil is very rich in nutrients, such as tocotrienol, vitamin E and anti-oxidant which can enhance the public health.

Darmono Taniwiryono, Director of PT Nutri Psalma Nabati, said that the healthy palm oil contains high concentrations of beta carotene, Vitamin E and other nutrients. “The vitamin E in palm oil in the form of tocotrienol is actually higher than other vegetable oils. It also has a very high saturated fat. The virgin red palm oil can be also added to our foods and beverages that will make us healthier,” he said. (*)

Source: Investor Daily