Government Targets To Finalize B40 Road Test In December

Jakarta – The ministry of energy and mineral resources (MEMR) has targeted to finalize the road test of biodiesel 40 percent (B40) and make recommendation on policy to implement the biofuel in December 2022.

“We target to complete the B40 road test in December 2022. The test is aimed to provide inputs for technical recommendations on policy to implement the B40 program,” the MEMR Bioenergy Director Edi Wibowo was quoted by Antara as saying on Wednesday.

The MEMR said that their test of biodiesel B40 was conducted by blending the biofuel (BBN) into diesel fuel at the percentage of 40 percent (B40).

According to Edi, the road test of B40 is conducted in two stages of testing the biofuel mixture, namely B30D10 with the mixed formula of 30 percent biodiesel (B100) and 10 percent of biodiesel/diesel biohydrocarbon/HVO (D100) plus 60 percent diesel fuel (B0) and B40 with the mixed formula of 40 percent bodiesel (B100) and 60 percent diesel fuel (B0).

“The specification of biodiesel (B100) is based on the proposal of the technical committee of Komite Teknis 27-04 Bioenergi Cair, with the improvement of water content parameter from the previous maximum of 350 ppm to the maximum of 320 ppm later, mono-glyceride levels from the previous maximum of 0.55 pecent to the maximum of 0.5 percent mass, and oxidation stability from the previous maximum of minimum of 600 minutes to the minimum of 720 minutes,” said Edi.

According to him, the test was conducted on vehicles of three brands with diesel machines at the capacity of less than 3.5 tons each of two units, and other vehicles of three brands with diesel machines of more than 3.5 tons each of two units.

Edi further said that there are a number of challenges, which include the procurement of spareparts after the process of initial overhaul, but now all vehicles have been capable of conducting the road test.

The elements tested during the B40 road test include the handling and analysis of fuel consumption, the quality test of fuel and lubricant, the test of performance in chassis dynamometer, test of merit rating of vehicles’ components, test of stability of the test fuel storage, test of startability, and the precipitation of test fuel.