RI To Start Commercial Production of Palm Oil Gasoline in 2024

MEDAN – Prof. DR. Subagjo, a researcher of Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB), said that currently the production of palm oil-based gasoline in Indonesia has reached 1,000 liters and is expected to increase further in the future as Indonesia has a vast acreage of oil palm plantations and the world’s largest producer of palm oil.

The palm gasoline, which is locally known as ‘bensa’ and has RON grade of 110, is a result of research conducted by ITB’s Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Institute (LPIK), which is financed by the oil palm plantation fund management board (BPDPKS) and PT Kemurgi Indonesia.

“Initially we produce 250 ml per hour, then 10 liters per day and now we managed to produce 1,000 liters,” Subagjo said during the Indonesia Palm Oil Research Week (Perisai) and the Indonesian Palm Oil Stakeholders Forum (IPOS) in Medan on Thursday, 20 October 2022.

He further said that the production of the bio-gasoline needs strong supports from other stakeholders, especially financial support for its big scale and commercial development. “Fortunately, the BPDPKS has expressed their commitment to continually provide financial support. We hope in 2024, the palm gasoline can be produced commercially in big scale,” said Subagjo.

Muhammad Ferian, another member of the ITB research team, said that the palm gasoline had been tested in motorcycle of KTM 390 CC Adventure type in a traveling route of 2,000 Kilometer from Bogor in West Java province to Medan in North Sumatra province. “During the journey the biogasoline ‘bensa’ was mixed with gasoline of Pertamax, Pertamax Turbo, and Pertalite brands. Its aim is to find out whether it will cause damage to the machine or not. Alhamdulillah (Thanks God), it’s very efficient, 33 Km per liter. And we have no problem at all using it during the road test,” said Ferian.

Ferian noted that the ‘bensa’ can be used purely 100% without being blended with other types of fossil fuel-based gasoline. “We want to show that blending it with other gasoline types is no problem. It is even better without being blended. It is produced purely from palm oil and it is chemically the same with the gasoline commonly used,” he said.

BPDPKS President Director  Eddy Abdurrachman said that BPDPKS will continue supporting the research activities on palm oil. BPDPKS has funded a further research on catalyst, the technology of palm gasoline production and the technology of the pilot project of industrial vegetable oil (IVO) production and healthy cooking oil from palm oil.

The research agreement with ITB is one of the 46 research agreements which was signed by BPDPKS with 24 research and development institutions and education institutions in Bogor on 21 September 2022. (*)

Source: infosawit.com/Liputan6.com | Featured image via euronews.com